Option Fitness Equipments are the manufacturers of the state of the art exercising and training equipments. They are on par with the best and they have achieved this by manufacturing equipments under the able leadership and guidance of Mr. Rahul Solanki, who has gained expertise in this field banked upon his 10 years of practical experience prior to the inception of this company, 6 years ago. With an update of the latest scientific developments in the world of body building, exercising and training, Option Fitness Equipments have designed their equipments for the exact requirement of the user. They include machinery and apparatus for weight resistance exercising and bio-mechanical training to give a more balanced result and a greater training variety. Correct equipment lessens the chances of injuries. Option Fitness Equipments have developed a total range of products i.e. Free Weights, (Steel and Rubberised), Single to Multistation exercising equipments etc.

Today's User, now more health conscious than ever before , it is extremely necessary to make equipments which are User and Eco-Friendly, which give high performance, attain specific results & have negligible maintenance. With different techniques now being introduced for exercising & toning bodies of amateurs & professionals alike Option Fitness Equipments have ventured into the field of Stress Reduction, Internal Muscles strengthening as well. Option Fitness Equipments owe their success to their fiercely dedicated team of skilled personnel who are committed to deliver only the best. They are backed by complete Computerized Analysis and Designs given to them by their Workstation. An efficient in-house tool room helps them carry out further Research and Development to produce newer and innovative products. Option Fitness Equipments wishes to continues in the same vein and produce latest authentic equipments one can have.


>   Year 2004 - Company Inception
>   Year 2005 - 350 sq. ft. Factory Setup
>   Year 2006 - 700 sq. ft. Factory Setup
>   Year 2007 - 1600 sq. ft. Factory Setup
>   Year 2008 - 2000 sq. ft. Factory Setup
>   Year 2009 - 3000 sq. ft. Factory Setup
>   Year 2010 - 5000 sq. ft. Factory Setup Plans
>   Year 2015 - 50000 sq. ft. Fact. Setup Plans


>   Precise Design
>   High Grade Bent Pipes 2" x 2", in 10 and12 Gauge.
>   High Grade Bent Pipes 4" x 2", in 10 and12 Gauge.
>   Heavy Duty Fully Welded Frames
>   Steel Weight Plates
>   Negligible Maintenance
>   High Safety Norms